Investment Management

Asset allocation and diversification are core principles of TAK Advisory’s investment approach. Clients’ target asset allocation is established based on their unique needs, situation, preferences and time frame. Typical portfolio consists of four asset classes; Stocks, Bonds, Cash and Real Assets. Portfolio is reviewed and rebalanced regularly to control risks and maximize returns. Focus long term, minimize investment costs and pay attention to potential tax liabilities are the greatest ways to maximize long term investment returns and preserve wealth.

TAK’s Advisory’s investment management process: 

  • Review clients overall financial situation and conduct risk profile analysis.
  • Develop customized Investment Policy Statement (IPS), a Financial plan or a Retirement plan.
  • Recommend investment selections and provide ongoing investment advice.
  • Execute trades, manage short term cash flows and monitor investment progress.
  • Provide Quarterly Performance reports and Quarterly Billing Statements.
  • Face to face meeting, on request, quarterly or annually based on client’s unique needs.
  • Provide regular and ongoing communication.
  • Work with client’s CPAs and attorneys to identify tax savings and estate planning opportunities.

TAK’s Advisory’s fiduciary, fee-only service model removes potential conflicts of interest and provides transparency. Client has flexible fee options: Asset-based fee, Annual Flat fee or Hourly fee. For more information, please contact Tak at 207-799-2010 or email, or refer to form ADV Part II on About tab. Thank you.